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VividSeats needed to rapidly launch a new version of their mobile and web applications to support events opening up as COVID restrictions eased. Facing challenges with time-to-market and resource limitations, they partnered with Red Thread Innovations for a scale-up project where we provided both engineering leadership and individual contribution to accelerate time to launch. We offered a rapid burst capacity, aiding in project execution, team growth, and ensuring timely delivery of the website, iOS, and Android apps.

Service: Product Growth & Evolution


Engineering Leadership
Team coaching and mentoring
Web Development
Native Mobile Development (iOS, Android)
Commerce Integration
Technology Architecture
Agile Delivery


Headless CMS
Mobile responsive web
Graph QL


VividSeats faced high-pressure time-to-market requirements and limitations in internal resources. They needed to provide a brand new ticket purchasing experience, streamlined payment and checkout processes, a reimagined loyalty program and more – all within tight deadlines and seamlessly compatible with legacy infrastructure.


Red Thread Innovations collaborated with VividSeats to provide software engineering expertise and engineering leadership, including coaching, mentoring, and helping to interview new members of their team. We offered burst capacity – a rapid scaling up of resources – to help VividSeats get its products across the finish line to meet deadlines.


RTI provided the crucial direction and support necessary to bring the new mobile app and website to market on time. Since launch, VividSeats has  inspired increased customer loyalty through its modernized app and website experiences, selling more than 17 million tickets to 200,000 unique events.

A Reimagined User Experience

Red Thread Innovations worked alongside VividSeats to reimagine their apps and website, modernizing its tech stack and delivering a more personalized and user-centric experience that included dynamic content based on location; more seamless event categorization; and streamlined payment and checkout processes. 

Analytics & Multivariate Testing

We integrated Optimizely to allow VividSeats to run multivariate experiments to discern how users interacted with the products and optimize the experience to increase sales.

Finding Events & Concerts 

A key priority was to improve the search experience to allow users to easily find and buy tickets to events. We also layered in an improved navigation feature for people to locate their seats within the app.

Simplified Payments & Checkout

We simplified and expedited payments with the integration of Klarna. Additionally, our team modernized the checkout process, working with legacy code to ensure a smooth and efficient checkout experience for users. 

Driving User Loyalty

A key facet of the project was the implementation of an improved loyalty program, incentivizing users to make repeat purchases and offering special discounts, upgrades, and a variety of perks.

“Seat selection was easy with the use of the virtual stadium map. Great interactive and functional website. Easy and simple process from beginning to end.”

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