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Suppli wanted to align with the values of eco-friendly customers by creating a new online takeout offering with reusable containers. This would better meet customer needs and differentiate their service. Red Thread Innovations quickly built an MVP of a new takeout marketplace, minimizing risk and investment. By gathering feedback from customers and restaurant owners Suppli would gain insight into what was working and how they could evolve the platform.

Service: New Product Launch


Product Strategy
UI & UX Design
Technology Architecture
Commerce Integration
Agile Delivery
QA Engineering
Atomic Design
Web Development


Node JS


Suppli wanted to meet consumer demand by launching a new online takeout solution where participating restaurants could use Suppli's reusable/returnable containers in place of plastic, single-use containers.


We built a fully responsive, digital marketplace offering consumers the ability to browse restaurants, build their orders, and celebrate their eco-conscious takeout decision.


Through Suppli’s focus on sustainability and seamless customer experience, the marketplace has delivered thousands of orders while diverting tons of food containers from landfills.

Creating a design system

To accelerate the time-to-market, and anticipating an upcoming rebranding, we created an MVP of the Suppli takeout marketplace using Atomic Design. By creating a smart, modular design system we could rapidly update the look of the interface with new brand elements and reuse previously designed components.

Finding local restaurants

An intuitive system was developed for customers to find local restaurants closest to their address. Using geo-location, customers can search for their favourite restaurants and either pick up their takeout order or have it delivered. Participating restaurants can be part of the solution by reducing waste while using the marketplace to attract new customers and increase their revenues.

Scalable menu management

We integrated leading menu management tools allowing restaurant owners to keep their offerings aligned with customer tastes. Browsing and customizing orders from thousands of dishes and special add-on items was made enjoyable providing a seamless user experience.

Ordering was easy and we got our takeout quickly in these amazing reusable containers. Great food and great for the environment.

Simple and Fast Ordering

Our simple checkout flow allowed customers to select their meals, review their orders, update delivery details, add custom tipping, and complete the transactions through a secure payment processing partner. We created an orchestration layer that integrated into third-party platforms, which managed communication between payment systems, POS systems and delivery.

Eco-friendly results delivered

Suppli has delivered thousands of takeout meals in their stainless steel, reusable containers building a following of delighted eco-conscious customers. The MVP has provided a clear path on how to evolve the offering, increased revenue for Suppli and participating restaurants.

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