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Woodgreen, a cornerstone of community aid in Toronto, faced a divide between its mission to connect people with social services and its online user experience. They needed a new web experience that could connect a diverse user base to a variety of community support programs. RTI helped transform Woodgreen’s online presence to become a true extension of its commitment to uplift and assist underserved communities with clarity, accessibility, and ease.

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Woodgreen's website, while rich in resources, faced challenges in guiding users effectively, resulting in a higher volume of inquiries than the organization could manage. Woodgreen realized there was an opportunity to better align their web experience with their core mission of empowering Toronto’s underserved communities.


RTI created a new website experience, employing a user-first strategy that prioritized ease-of-use to eliminate the barriers and challenges users faced. Our solution focused on intuitive navigation, with strategic UX enhancements and key features like an event calendar and job board to streamline the path to assistance. We employed modular design to allow Woodgreen’s team to easily update content in a structured, consistent, and scalable way.


The new website experience effectively channels Woodgreen’s mission, significantly reducing direct inquiries and enabling users to independently access the services they need. The evolution marks a pivotal expansion in Woodgreen’s reach and impact, affirming the power of aligning core values with user experience to enhance community service.

User-Centric Discovery

Our journey began with empathy, placing ourselves in the shoes of those who relied on Woodgreen's services. We honed in on the diverse needs of their users, ranging from seniors to newcomers in Canada, via surveys and interviews to understand the specific hurdles they faced. With these insights, we committed to crafting a website that ensured straightforward, supportive access for every community member.

Purposeful Solutions for Real Needs

Our design process was iterative and evidence-based, grounded in research and feedback from users. By testing assumptions– including invalidating the use of a chatbot on the website– we were able to pivot when data showed that a different direction would better serve the user base and organization. This ensured solutions were not just technologically sound but also deeply resonant with the real-world needs and behaviors of those who would rely on them daily.

Inclusive Service At Scale 

In response to user needs, we architected features that broke down the digital barriers to service access. Our modular content blocks were designed for clarity and ease, empowering users to navigate the site while enabling the flexible deployment of new services to ensure the website could evolve alongside the community's needs.

Fostering Self-Serve Independence

Features were meticulously integrated to foster user independence and self-sufficiency. Intuitive navigation was a cornerstone, enabling clear and direct paths to essential information and services. The addition of an event calendar opened doors for users to easily find and engage with community events and available resources. Meanwhile, the job board streamlined the journey for job seekers to find opportunities, a vital component in the path toward empowerment and economic stability.

Diverse Units. Streamlined Processes

The transformation of Woodgreen's website went beyond the end user experience; it addressed the operational intricacies of managing multiple organizational units with varied goals. By introducing a unified content management system and establishing clear digital guidelines, we facilitated a more cohesive approach to updating and maintaining the website.

Innovation Driving Impact

Woodgreen’s website is a testament to how digital innovation can extend the reach and deepen the impact of community services. With its new web experience, Woodgreen’s diverse user base can easily access over 100 vital community support programs. In aligning its digital presence with its core mission, Woodgreen has set a new standard for how organizations can connect with and empower their communities.

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